Lots of dinosaurs.

A must for all dinosaur lovers!

Sarah Sheppard’s books about dinosaurs answer most of the usual questions: why did these primeval animals look so fierce (so large, tall, filled with pointy edges, long and sharp claws and teeth), what do their name mean, why are they extinct, where did that meteorite strike – and what is they had lived today!? What would that be like?

What we know about the dinosaurs’ time on earth is relatively new news and archeologists and scientists continue to make new discoveries. This is just one of the many reasons why dinosaurs and so exciting, nobody (at least no adults) know everything with certainty, so everyone can join in and guess. Fact and fantasy combined make up our image of the dinosaurs – and it is with both fact and fantasy Sarah Sheppard write and illustrates – which is what makes Lot of Dinosaurs so good!

All you need to know about dinosaurs is here – fun facts in a very colorful way (no, dinosaurs did not have to be greyish brown, they could have been bright green!).