The Whodunit Detective Agency.

Jerry and Maya (Lasse and Maya in Swedish), the children’s favorites, are two classmates who run a small but successful detective agency together.

They help the police in the town of Valleby by solving challenging cases. The books about Jerry and Maya are constant best sellers and are among the most lent books in Swedish libraries. After 10 years, 21 tricky books and over two millions books sold almost everyone know who Jerry and Maya are. But of course, the books about this detective duo and so very exciting, fun and clever. The Book Jury – a book prize in Sweden where children themselves vote for last year’s best children’s books – have chosen Jerry and Maya as number one many years in a row.

In 2013 the first of three new movies about Jerry and Maya premiered – Von Broms Hemlighet (Von Broms’s Secret). The following movies are Skuggor over Valleby (Shadows over Valleby) and Filmstjärnor och Stjärnsmällar (Movie stars and starbursts). Target group: 6-9 år Books: 21 books and more aret o come! International success: Translated and published in 25 languages. The author Martin Widmark grew up in Linköping and moved to Stockholm in the early eighties. Martin is a qualified teacher. He has extensive experience working with children in middle school and children with special needs. He has besides children’s books about Nelly Rapp and The Whodunit Detective Agency, written some textbooks and has been called “the children’s Agatha Christie”. The illustrator Helena Willis grew up in Södermalm in Stockholm and now she lives in Tullinge. Helena has been drawing her whole life and graduated from Beckmans College in 1991. As a child she wanted to be a ballet dancer or private investigator, and used to creep around on Mariaberget with her friends looking for clues. Helena is now one of Sweden’s foremost children’s book illustrators. Website: